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Above-Kim Blake's  Oct 1st, Trophy Peninsula Brown Bear

Kim Blakes Trophy Moose hunt shot in 2003 on the Alagnak river
      Above-Kim Blakes Trophy  Moose            Below- Lou Hellers 10ft  Bear        

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Brown Bear hunting in Alaska Lou Heller shot the Boone Crocket Bear on Sept 1st 2002
Alaskan moose shot with Guide Charles Summerville hunter Barry Brevik

  Alaska Brownbear with Tony shot on the Alaska Peninsula 01

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 Alaska Brown Bear Hunting-Chad Kresge's 9 1/2 ft Brown Bear in May Brown Bear hunter Chad Kresge with a trophy 9 1/2 foot spring Brown Bear harvested with registered guide Jay King and Jim Tuttle and Jay Ki  World class Alaska Bear hunting      Below john Rozanski's Giant Oct Brown Bear      with   the comforts of a  Wilderness Lodge & 3 deluxe out camps make for a truly Spectacular hunting Trip.  5 species  of Alaska big game to hunt including Brown bears, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Caribou Hunting and Wolf.  Caribou and Brown bear traveling the border of Katmai Park and gates of the arctic Park. The  modern Lodge & 3 Outcamps are a wilderness marvel and all located near the boundaries of these world famous National Parks & Preserve,  40 miles  NE of the town of King Salmon  only accessible by floatplane charter.     


Alaska  Peninsula Hunts   10 day Spring Brown Bear Hunt May/2012-- $14,500                                   10 day fall Brown Bear   Oct/ 2012--$14,500                                  

Brooks  Range Western Arctic  Hunts                                                                10 day spring or fall Arctic Grizzly Hunts---------$10,000pp                                10 day fall Arctic Grizzly &  Caribou 1x1 hunt --$11,500   Aug 17-SePt 7,                7d 2x1 Western Arctic herd Brookes  Caribou Hunts-- $4900 Aug 3rd-Sept, 7th 06    day Moose/Grizzly Bear/Caribou hunt guided 1x1---$23,00,000   16 day hunt

Alaska Duck Hunting Trips 7d 2x1----------$3800pp

Alaska Sea Duck Hunting Trips 5d  2x1------$3200                   

Alaska Hunting Guides                                                                                                                                                                  

  We offer 7- 10 and 15 day Alaska hunting trips and wilderness fishing  trips. You will explore and have the opportunity to hunt over 400 square miles of the Alagnak & Naknek river drainages on the Alaska peninsula bordering Katmai Park and Preserve. Our  keys to success are Location! Location! Location! and not over hunting our area as we Only take 6 guided Brown Bear hunters per year.


                                                         Keith Matincheks 10ft Spring Brown Bear

       A.T.A offers Alaska Bear Hunting the way it should be for Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou and Wolf in unit 9c-17c on the Alaska Peninsula bordering Katmai National Park, We are Big Brown Bear Guides and Outfitters who truly care about guidingBear hunters on a Trophy Bear Hunt of a lifetime.  Bear Hunt Alaska from one of our fly-in lodges or spike camps with an Alaskan Registered guide with over 15 years guiding bears and outfitting experience on the Alaska Peninsula taking Boone & Crocket Bear and Moose each Season.   Personal service is what we sell, 98% of our Moose hunters and 90% of our Brown Bear hunters have been successful at filling there tags over the past 14 hunting seasons with Trophy Big game Animals. If your ready for that Alaskan hunt of a life time than you found the right Guides and Outfitters.  Hunt with Registered Guide Scott Deslauries  for a truly 1st class Alaskan hunt at a reasonable price.    Return to top of Page

 The Alaska Bear hunting Guides


Pilot/guide Charlie Summerville - Recently retired from all Brown bear hunting activities. Charlie Brown Bear hunting in Alaska Lou Heller shot the Boone Crocket Bear on Sept 1st 2002has actively guided for the past 20 years in the field and has decided to retire from Big game Brown bear guiding to concentrate on Marketing & Sales. He has been guiding  on the Alaska Peninsula  and guiding wilderness fishing and raft trips since 1985 in Alaska, He has held a Coast Guard License since 1985 to transport passengers for hire and is a licensed Bush pilot with over 2000 hours flying out of King Salmon.  Charlie Manages the office and web development and is responsible for all outside marketing and sales.  He still spend all summer in there guide area as he runs the fishing lodge May-Sept on the Alagnak river.  With his unmatched vast knowledge of the Alaska Bush and especially the Alagnak Drainage and Alaskan Peninsula  Charlie brings a valuable asset to the operations logistics and overall marketing success.                                       

  Travel To Bear Hunting Camp  

  Travel to this part of Alaska is simple since Penn air has 3 flights to King Salmon departing Anchorage Daily.  Plan to arrive in King Salmon on the  day before  your trip and stay at the Quinnat Hotel. We will have a courtesy Van meet you  in the morning between 9-10am.

 At the airport in King salmon you will be met by a representative from A.T.A. or the Quinnat Hotel and your luggage will be transported in our courtesy van. You can pick up any last minute items at the local store that you may have forgotten and also purchase your appropriate fishing licenses. 


Alaska Bear Hunting packing list

Clothing: 2-3 pair polar fleece Pants & Shirts, 6 pair socks,6 underwear, 1 pair long polypro underwear polypro (no cotton), 3 pair heavy wool socks, 1 large waterproof dry bag for storage and transport, 1 small bag for dirty clothes, 1 high quality rain jacket or parka Helly Hanson impertech or Patagonia, Simms 3/4 length preferred. 1 set warm hat and gloves (wool or Gore-Tex).

 Accessories: 1 pair Polarized sun glasses or Shooting Glasses, 1 pair high quality binoculars Swaroski-Zeiss-Leica 7x35-10x40,  camera in a waterproof bag & extra film/batteries, Ditty bag for personal hygiene, Toothbrush, powders, medicine, A towel & washcloth, package of baby wipes,  Hipboots & Footwear: 1 pair either Gore-Tex or  rubber ankle fitting hip boots  your choice, no felt soles.  1 pair high quality waterproof hunting boot Danners  preferred.

Firearms: Bolt action 338 mag or 375mag preferred with 2 boxes 250 grain Nosler or Barnes bullets with good quality scope & mounts  with rain covers, basic gun cleaning kit with oil, soft gun sleeve for transport in small bush planes, no hard cases allowed in small planes.

Bear Mace or Pepper spray not allowed or needed in camp.

Liquor & Beer BYO: Any beverages can be bought at the store in Fairmainks  but keep in mind intoxication will be avoided and not tolerated in camp while hunting.   

All Gear should fit in one Cabela’s Super-cub duffel bag (SE-51-1903-273) or waterproof Dry bag No hard suitcases, plus your gun case & carryon!  No exceptions


 These are the exact items most of our guides use and we highly reccomend them as very good equipment

  • Ankle fit unisulated hip boots (1 size larger than you normally wear)  (Cabela"s SE-83-0343 or SE-83-0341 or SE-83-0345)
  • Good qality waterproof hunting boot  Danner, Rocky or similar boots.                          
  • Warm Outfitter's Fleece camo jacket (Cabela's SE-93-0473 or SE-93-1897)                       Wool  (Cabella's SE-95-0574) and Goretex gloves (Cabela's SE-92-0003)                   
  • Rifle, Sling, Scope covers and 40 rounds of ammo. (Same as you sighted in with)
  • Small hard gun case                                     
  • Shaving kit and medicine                                  
  • Impertec rain pants  & length guide coat  (Dark Olive)Back Country Inc., 1-800-381-5437 or 425-788-1956           
  • Digital Camera andextra batteries.                                    
  • 2 Camo Microtex Shirts (Cabela's #SE-93-0391 or SE-93-0392)                
  • 2 pr. Long MTP Medium-weight underwear (Cabela's SE-91-1259 & 1263) 
  • 4 pr. Poly-pro socks   (Cabela's SE-81-2207)                       
  • 1 pr. polarflees Jeans or Carhart pants 
  • 1 pr. of Microtex camo pants (Cabela's SE-93-0393)
  • Sun screen cream 
  • Water filter bottle/canteen
  • 4 pr. Wool boot socks (Cabela's SE-81-2209)                                                                             6 changes of MTP underwear (Cabela's SE-90-1467, 1468, 1469, 1784)
  • Warm insulated hat and stocking cap                   
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight and extra batteries  (Mini-Mag AA)                             
  • Extra GI duffel bag for skins
  • Insect repellant & sunglasses (100% Deet)              
  • Moleskin for blister control
  • Skinning Knife (optional)                  

    Hybrid Hunter 2-in1 pack (Cabela's SE-51-6505)       or

  • Small frame 2200 Day pack (Cabela's SE-51-6570)
  • (These packs can be used for your carry-on airline bag)

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                                    Alaska Hunting Lodge

The Main lodge accommodates 12 guests comfortably with each alagnak river panabode cabins at alaska trophy adventures lodge2 guests having their own private, carpeted, Pan abode log cabin .  160 acres and 3800ft of private riverfront on the Wild & Scenic Alagnak river running through the heart of Katmai National Park & Preserve.  You will  experience the true Alaska without the crowds. Our nearest neighbor hunting is over 30 river miles away, and with no  plane access for other guides we keep a very tight control of our trophy animals and we don't compete for game.

 Our 18 ft. custom jet boats with Yamaha  jet motors give us unlimited access to over 500 square miles of river corridor to hunt along the Alagnak river.

   If you are interested in fair chase hunting Alaskan big game in a true wilderness setting while experiencing some of the most remote hunting then this is the place for you.  The camp is a true  Gem in the Bush, with amenities to include a full-time Alaskan Sauna, on-demand modern hot showers,  New  his & hers modern bathrooms with flush toilets, vanities & mirrors, plus electricity to each cabin from 7am-11pm.  The camp is by far the nicest remote all-inclusive hunting camp in SW Alaska hands down. We also operate 3 separate spike camps in remote locations these utilize  10x10 bomb shelter tents with cots and air mattresses and a portable kitchen. We use these camps when we can't practically put in a larger camp or cabin or have to pack them in on foot.                                                           Return to top of Page

            2012 Alaska Hunt Airline Travel &Booking Information

Alaskan Big game hunts can be booked  with our Sales office at (877-801-2289 )or Directly with any of our booking agents.  If any problems call Charlie at (877-801-2289)  between 6-9pm Alaska time. If you have any further questions or concerns   email us 

To confirm a reservation we require a 50% deposit when booking the trip and a signed receipt of our Brooks Range Hunt contract  click here Alaska Peninsula Hunt contract fill out the page and print. You will send us back the signed original contract with a check or credit card numbers for the deposit and you print a copy for your records. We will send you a confirmation letter outlining all the pertinent information. Upon booking the trip, you agree to our cancellation policy as follows: There will be no refund of deposit after 3 working  days unless space is filled by alternate guest that you provide at least 90 days prior to trip dates (check white box below to agree). Due to the nature of these trips we recommend trip insurance to cover any untimely accidents or emergencies that may arise on short notice. Certain prime weeks are reserved through Booking agents,  shops and past guests on a first come basis, so we recommend booking up to 2 year in advance as many of our repeat guests do. You will need to make flight arrangements from your home to  King Salmon airports.  From there, we will arrange charter transportation for you to one of our all-inclusive remote camps for $300pp rd trip.   

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Awesome Just Awesome how I describe my Spring  Peninsula  Brown  Bear Hunt. Guide Scott Deslauriers is a true master of Brown Bear Hunting. With our spike camp set up 200 yds off the beach we had a great Vantage point and on the first morning of my 8 day hunt I took a Beautiful 8 1/2 ft Brown Bear. The beast took 3 rounds from  my custom .338  that Remington had built for the hunt. I then flew back to our Main camp and went Steelhead fishing for the next 4 days while waiting for my hunting partner to shoot a 10ft monster on day 6. Thanks for all the hard work and great job at Both camps  Scott, Charlie and lance. Thanks and Hope to hunt with you again.             Doug Painter      

Executive Director of N.A Sport Shooting Foundation


Alaska Trophy Guided Moose from Alagnak River Camp Big Moose what an understatement we hunted 5 days and saw 6 Bulls over 60" on day 5  I was lucky enough to have this 71" inch Trophy Moose come to Charlie's Outstanding Cow Calling.  Hunting Moose on the Peninsula is exhilarating !! Cant say enough about the first class camps-great food and superb planning on our guides part. All 4 hunters filled out on Trophy Moose the week I there in September and the camp average was 64".   KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK .      Thanks for the great times  George K!


I can't thank you enough for the great hunt and what Brown Bear hunting in Alaska Lou Heller shot the Boone Crocket Bear on Sept 1st 2002a bonus after Killing my Giant Peninsula Brown Bear on Day 1 of a 10 day hunt, I accompanied  friend Barry Brevik as camera man on his Moose hunt. We hunted a total of 3 hours between the two hunts and every one went home with Trophy Animals. This shows the true knowledge and experience of a professional guide that knows there areas and does not over hunt them.                      Lou Heller


Alaska Moose hunts with Guides Outfitters Alaska Trophy HuntsThank you for my Trophy Moose if it wasn't for your determination and superior knowledge of your area I would of went home with something smaller. Thanks for the continued positive attitude and putting me in the right place at the right time. We had slow start but a strong finish with this Massive Trophy Moose. The only bad thing was it was the smaller of the two Moose we were stalking. The Trophy Moose Quality was 2nd to none.    Dale P

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              Call us for more information at #252-923-9939or   Email us

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