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Kim Blakes Trophy Moose hunt shot in 2003 on the Alagnak river
      Above-Kim Blakes Trophy  Moose          

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Below-Keith Matincheks 10ft  Bear 


  Alaska Brownbear with Tony shot on the Alaska Peninsula 01

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Alaska caribou hunting guide Zach Babat with a 10ft brown bear.rhuk

Guide Zach Babat with Steve Harmons 10ft 8 inch Peninsula Brown Bear

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   World class Alaska Caribou hunting in thealaska caribou taken Aug 5 2005 brookes range #400 BC green score    Trophy Caribou shot on Aug 5 2005, Brooks Range Alaska  Brooks Range or Alaska Caribou hunting  We combine the comforts of a  Wilderness Camp  & 3  out camps to make a truly Spectacular Caribou hunting Trip.  5 species  of Alaska big game to hunt including Brown bears, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Alaska Caribou, Dall Sheep and Wolf. With a  healthy resident population of Trophy Grizzly Bear, Caribou and Dall Sheep traveling the border of the Arctic National Park. The modern Camp & 2 Outcamps are a wilderness marvel and are located near the boundaries of the Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve.  250 miles north of Fairbanks Alaska only accessible by Wheel plane  charter and our Super cub.                      

7 day Trophy 2x1 Alaska Caribou Hunting----------$4,900 PP 
10 day 1x1  Grizzly 1 Caribou hunting Combo------ $10,500pp 
10 day 1x1 Grizzly 2 Caribou hunting Combo -------$12,000pp
16 day 1x1 Dall Sheep-Grizzly-2 Caribou-Wolf ----$18,000pp       
10 day 1x1  Spring Trophy Arctic Grizzly Hunts---- $9,000pp       

        We want %100 of our hunters happy No B.S! and No Excuses from us. We don't care if the weather is bad, or the animals are not moving we will move your camp  if necessary.

      We offer 7- 10 and 16 day Alaska Caribou hunting and combo grizzly Dall sheep hunts . You will explore and have the opportunity to hunt over 1000 square miles of the Brookes Range and hunt the Arctic western Herd of Alaska bordering the Arctic Wildlife refuge and Preserve. Our  keys to success are Location! Location! Location! and not over hunting caribou in our area as we only take 10 guided Caribou hunters per week. Alaska Hunting

       A.T.A offers Alaska Caribou Hunting the way it should be for Alaska  Caribou, Grizzly bear and Wolf in unit 25,Alaska Caribou hunting guides and lodges taking trophy caribou in remote Alaska26 & 17 in the Alaska Brookes Range . We are Big Game Guides and Outfitters who truly care about guiding hunters on a Trophy Alaska Caribou  Hunt of a lifetime.  Alaska caribou hunting from one of our fly-in lodges or spike camps with an Alaskan Registered guide with over 15 years guiding and outfitting experience in the Brookes range and on the Alaska Peninsula taking Boone & Crocket Grizzly Bear and Barren ground Alaska Caribou each Season.   Personal service is what we sell, 98% of our Alaska Caribou hunting trips and 100%of our Grizzly Bear Hunters have been successful at filling there tags over the past 14 hunting seasons in the Brookes range with Trophy Big game Animals. If your ready for that Alaska Caribou  hunting trip of a life time than you found the right Guides and Outfitters.  Alaska Caribou hunting Adventure at a reasonable price.    Return to top of Page

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Pilot/guide Charlie Summerville - Recently retired from all big game hunting activities. Charlie Brown Bear hunting in Alaska Lou Heller shot the Boone Crocket Bear on Sept 1st 2002has actively guided for the past 20 years in the field and has decided to retire from Big game guiding to concentrate on Marketing & Sales. He has been guiding  on the Alaska Peninsula for the past 20 years and guiding wilderness fishing and raft trips since 1985 in Alaska, He has held a Coast Guard License  to transport passengers for hire and is a licensed Bush pilot with over 3000 hours flying out of King Salmon.  Charlie Manages the office and web development and is responsible for all outside marketing and sales.  He still spend all summer in there guide area as he oversees the fishing lodge May-Sept on the Alagnak river.  With his unmatched vast knowledge of the Alaska Bush and especially the Alagnak Drainage and Alaskan Peninsula  Charlie brings a valuable asset to the operations logistics and overall marketing success.                                                      Return to top of Page

Travel To Alaska Caribou Hunting Camp  

Brookes Range Lodge: Aug 2-Sept 15th, Traveling to our Brooks range Caribou hunting lodge you will need to fly directly into Fairbanks and spend the night and catch a morning charter flight on wrights air to Anaktuvik village. Here you will be met by our Pilot with his super cub and flown out to the main camp 35 minutes away.


                                    Alaska Caribou Hunting Lodge

The Remote Brookes Range Caribou  Camp accommodates 10 guests comfortably You will  experience the true Alaska without the crowds. Our nearest neighbor hunting is over 50 miles away, and with no  plane access for other guides we keep a very tight control of our trophy animals and we don't compete for game.

               2007 Alaska Caribou Hunt Airline Travel &Booking Information

Alaska Caribou Hunting trips can be booked  with our Sales office at (252-923-9939 )or Directly with any of our booking agents.  If any problems call Charlie Summerville   between 6-9pm Alaska time. If you have any further questions or concerns   email us 

To confirm a reservation for Alaska Caribou hunting we require a 50% deposit when booking the trip and a signed receipt of our Hunt contract  click here and fill out the Alaska Caribou hunting page and print. You will send us back the signed original  Alaska Caribou hunting contract with a check or credit card numbers for the deposit and you print a copy for your records. We will send you a confirmation letter outlining all the pertinent information. Upon booking the trip, you agree to our cancellation policy as follows: There will be no refund of deposit after 3 working  days unless space is filled by alternate guest that you provide at least 90 days prior to trip dates (check white box below to agree). Due to the nature of these trips we recommend trip insurance to cover any untimely accidents or emergencies that may arise on short notice. Certain prime weeks are reserved through Booking agents,  shops and past guests on a first come basis, so we recommend booking up to 2 year in advance as many of our repeat guests do. You will need to make flight arrangements from your home to  King Salmon airports.  From there, we will arrange charter transportation for you to one of our all-inclusive remote camps for $300pp rd trip.   

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Alaska Trophy Guided Moose from Alagnak River Camp Big Moose and great Alaska Caribou hunting what an understatement we hunted 5 days and saw 6 Bulls over 60" on day 5  I was lucky enough to have this 71" inch Trophy Moose come to Charlie's Outstanding Cow Calling.  Hunting Moose on the Peninsula is exhilarating !! Cant say enough about the first class camps-great food and superb planning on our guides part. All 4 hunters filled out on Trophy Moose the week I there in September and the camp average was 64".   KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK .      Thanks for the great times  George K!


I can't thank you enough for the great hunt and what Brown Bear hunting in Alaska Lou Heller shot the Boone Crocket Bear on Sept 1st 2002a bonus after Killing my Giant Peninsula Brown Bear on Day 1 of a 10 day hunt, I accompanied  friend Barry Brevik as camera man on his Moose hunt. We hunted a total of 3 hours between the two hunts and every one went home with Trophy Animals. This shows the true knowledge and experience of a professional guide that knows there areas and does not over hunt them.                      Lou Heller


Alaska Moose hunts with Guides Outfitters Alaska Trophy HuntsThank you for my Trophy Moose if it wasn't for your determination and superior knowledge of your area I would of went home with something smaller. Thanks for the continued positive attitude and putting me in the right place at the right time. We had slow start but a strong finish with this Massive Trophy Moose. The only bad thing was it was the smaller of the two Moose we were stalking. The Trophy Moose Quality was 2nd to none.    Dale P

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